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Building a system that puts the skills of young people in Canada to work.

Commitment to Addressing Anti-Black Racism

Over the last few weeks, we’ve watched the protests and outrage in the US, brought on by the killing of yet another unarmed Black man by the police. The world is on fire, again, as people demonstrate their disappointment, anger and frustration with the broken systems that allow racism to persist, with its most extreme expressions causing the death of black- and brown-skinned people. Anti-black racism, systemic racism, is not exclusive to the US. It’s here in Canada too...


The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP) is a national, cross-sector collaboration that drives coordination and boosts the infrastructure that supports the youth workforce development ecosystem. 

In recognition of this need, the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity received a funding commitment from the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Skills Strategy to expand our work across Canada.

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity has brought together a highly-skilled table of Canadian community and corporate leaders, who provide a balanced, evidence-based voice.  The Council for Youth Prosperity has been meeting and functioning as an arms’ length initiative since June 2018. 


In September 2019, the Council for Youth Prosperity became a pan-Canadian expert coalition formed of representatives from all Provinces, Territories and Indigenous organizations.  The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity is powered by leaders from these organizations:


Why focus on youth workforce development?

Youth are critical to Canada's economy. We need to facilitate youth integrating into the labour market to enable companies to benefit from a productive and motivated youth workforce.  Through work and inclusive environments, young people can grow, innovate, and prosper.

Gladys Ahovi, Executive Lead, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity

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