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About Us


Who Are We?

At Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP), we are deeply committed to changing systems impacting youth’s ability to thrive in the workforce. Through collaboration, innovation, and influence, CCYP helps to expand the role of youth to become co-creators in workforce development. We also help stakeholders in the youth workforce network improve and deliver on youth experiences rapidly and at scale.

Our Vision: We are a trusted partner to all players in the youth workforce network, driving collective impact as a leader in supporting youth workers.

Our Mission: We are focused on future-oriented solutions, based on demand, to close gaps in the workforce and drive innovation in the labour market across Canada.

Strategic Priorities

Our vision and mission are supported by our four strategic priorities.

Amplifying Youth as Co-Creators

We champion youth innovation, design youth-centric solutions and inspire a national movement, allowing the entire network of stakeholders to benefit.

Addressing Systemic Challenges and Supporting Innovation

We support innovation and transformation while increasing the productivity, reach and impact of solutions.


Improving the Process of Connecting Employers and Talent

We enable employers to source and retain the talent they need and help young people, especially those facing multiple barriers, to secure meaningful work.

Improving Organizational Resilience

We embed resilience in the way we work to strengthen our organizational health.


Why We Do It

Young people are at the centre of who we are and what do we. Their smooth entry into the labour market and their ability to evolve within it fuel our economic engine.

By understanding the needs of the Canadian labour market and improving the process of connecting employers and talent, young people can find the jobs they want, and employers the staff they need.

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