youth workforce development

Businesses have a compelling incentive to ensure the workforce development system creates the skilled labour force they need.

Our unified involvement only enhances the relevance of workforce strategies connecting them to Canada's labour market demands. 


Addressing the youth workforce development challenges requires intentional and concerted action. 


There is an imperative need to act.  

Canada’s communities have been responsive to youth workforce development challenges.  Many services and supports have formed organically to address the local needs of youth and employers. There are several programs across different sectors, working on expanding economic opportunities for youth in Canada. However, throughout the continuum from youth to adulthood, young people continue to struggle with economic opportunities and favourable labour market outcomes. On the flip side, employers are confronted with skill gaps further emphasized by the exodus of baby boomers leaving the workforce. Industries are changing as demographics, globalization, and technological changes are disrupting the labour market, leaving both youth and employers unfulfilled.

Canada has benefitted from an array of panels, youth engagements, and think tanks aptly analyzing and offering solutions to transform the youth employment landscape. All sectors who are experiencing the emerging risks and opportunities for youth employment are hungry to respond. Despite all of these contributions, there is a need for more interventions, and rapid systems change. Informed by these extraordinary opportunities for co-creating change and new outcomes, the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity has focused on the youth workforce development ecosystem.  The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity will strengthen the youth workforce landscape.  We will orchestrate broad coordination and collaboration between sectors, education, and government across Canada with a set of intentional actions that will collectively support system infrastructure.

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