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Boost multi-generational
dialogue in the workplace

A free online workshop on intergenerational communication

Wednesday, September 21 @ 1:00pm (ET)

Achieve organizational goals

The workplace has become a multi-generational environment where individuals from different age groups must learn how to communicate and work together to achieve organizational goals.


Bridge the generation gap

The generation gap between baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials can lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and sometimes, no communication as people from different age groups share different experiences and communication goals, needs, and behaviours.

Age, education, socioeconomic expectations, language and culture can also influence intergenerational communication.


Drive collaboration

In this free, 1-hour workshop, we will introduce characteristics of the different generations in the workforce that have the potential to shape workplace interactions. We will also explore strategies for increasing multi-generational collaboration and understanding in the workplace.

Our approach is rooted in youth-friendly and accessible language that is clear, approachable and interesting to help individuals improve their ability to communicate and collaborate with youth in the workplace.


Gain knowledge & skills

✔ Understand the impacts of generational differences
✔ Implement intergenerational communication and youth-friendly language
✔ Apply knowledge learned from the workshop to improve communication skills

This workshop will benefit...

✔ employers    ✔ managers

✔ project officers    ✔ educators

... and individuals who work in multi-generational environments looking to improve their communication skills and ensure a youth-friendly workplace.

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