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Like any other sector, our industry is going through rapid change, namely major transitions in leadership as the baby-boomer generation retires. It is critical we have the foresight to begin nurturing and supporting future leaders for our organizations.

With this in mind, the CCYP Fellowship program was designed to engage dynamic young people in their early-late 20’s (age 21-29) to help advance policy and practice in Canada's workforce development sector. The program provides a career pathway to get promising, bright young thinkers into the workforce development industry, while at the same time it serves as a means to add a youth perspective to the research of CCYP.

The CCYP fellowship program has a focused set of goals, to ensure that there are both immediate outcomes as well as long-term outcomes that build the foundation for longer term sector stability. 


that strengthens our research agenda

Fellows will support research in existing projects that are core to CCYPs work.  They will not take part in ‘make-work’ exercises or produce content that is disconnected from the core research agenda of the Council. This engagement from the Fellows will enhance the breadth and relevance of the research reports we produce, increasing their ability to positively impact the sector.

Provide relevant on-the-job EXPERIENCE & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT

We will advance the Fellows personal and professional development through training, coaching, mentorship and collaborative work.  Embedding the fellows on the CCYP team supports them to apply and deepen the learning from the personal and professional development modules of the program. We hope Fellows come away from their 6 month placements having built skills, experiences and capabilities that will support them in succeeding in the workforce development sector and beyond.


for the sector

Youth voice is desperately needed in knowledge creation within the workforce development sector. The Fellowship will ensure that meaningful contributions are made by youth to research intended to improve opportunities for young people. But beyond the six months of the Fellowship, it is our hope that the exposure to the larger sector and the professional networks developed by Fellows will significantly increase the likelihood they build a career within workforce development.  We want this program to create a “brain-gain” so the Fellows can continue to add a youth voice and new perspective to our field for years to come.







Program ComponentS


Fellows will gain a full-time, paid placement for seven months working at the CCYP. During this time they will support a research project around one of CCYP’s existing research priorities. Training in research methods and techniques for the Fellows will be built into the process of carrying out the research.


The Fellowship will also provide career development opportunities to fellows and a chance to cultivate networks in the workforce development industry. They will also receive 1-on-1 career coaching and take part in professional development workshops. As the Fellowship is a career pathway in itself, it will be an opportunity to expose Fellows to some of the best practices the industry has to offer, while inviting them to help push the industry to be even more impactful in its work. Our Fellowship program is a chance for us to have deeper and more authentic engagement with youth as we conduct research and develop best practices for our industry.  


We hope that the Fellowship will be extremely beneficial to the career aspirations of the Fellows. We also hope that the workforce development sector will benefit from gaining new diverse employees who can become future thought leaders in the space.

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