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About the Council

The youth advisory council will serve as an authentic means of youth engagement and voice in support of CCYP’s mandate of driving coordination and boosting the infrastructure that supports the youth workforce development ecosystem. CCYP hopes to create a youth council that will represent the diversity of youth across Canada, who are passionate about youth employment.

In alignment with CCYP’s commitment to facilitate youth integrating into the labour market and rooted in the principles of youth advocacy and governance, the Youth Advisory Council’s purpose is to provide CCYP with insight on the various complez factors and barriers youth face as they join the Canadian Workforce. Our Youth Advisors will act as Youth Ambassadors for CCYP in their respective regions.n of your business and the types of services that you provide. 

The Youth Advisory Council term runs for 12 months at a time and will start in August 2020. Members can be reappointed at the end of the term, if they so choose.


The members will be asked to participate in teleconference advisory meetings on the first Tuesday of every month and training sessions on the third Tuesday of every month. We are asking our members to dedicate eight to ten hours per month on council-related activities. Members may also be required to travel within Canada for two to three in-person meetings a year (expenses covered).  High school students can use time spent on CCYP’s Youth Advisory Council activities towards their community service hours.

  • Consult as needed on CCYP Youth Engagements initiatives.

  • Collaborate with one another to develop and communicate new ideas to CCYP Council

  • Providing feedback on organizational strategic planning and decision-making

  • Collaborating on the development and evaluation of CCYP’s national initiatives (including programs, research and policy, operations and communications-related projects)

  • Empowering youth through self-directed, self-initiated projects

  • Enable young people to learn about and support CCYP’s mission

  • Provide insight on innovative, diverse youth engagement and outreach strategies and opportunities across Canada

  • Advise CCYP on effective youth integration in the organization

  • Assist in the implementation of youth projects and activities

  • Works closely with fellow YAC members and CCYP staff to provide input into youth-related resources and web content produced by CCYP’s Youth Engagement team

  • Attend all monthly and quarterly meetings

  • May be expected to meet outside of the established YAC meeting cadence (in person/via Google Hangout) to advise on or participate in CCYP projects, or projects which CCYP supports

  • Build meaningful, professional relationships between council members

  • Works closely with fellow YAC members and CCYP staff to provide input into youth-related resources and web content produced by CCYP’s Youth Engagement team



The Youth Advisory Council responsibilities will be divided into 3 areas: 



The Youth Advisory Council will work to provide feedback to CCYP on organizational strategic planning and decision-making, while also advising on effective youth integration into the organization. The YAC will also provide insight and feedback to the work of CCYP’s Council.


Each cohort of the Youth Advisory Council will work to produce a capstone project. These capstone projects will align with CCYP’s mandate and strategic direction.


The YAC Training sessions will provide the youth council members with personal and professional development opportunities. The CCYP Team will organize and cover the cost for the training sessions.  The Youth Advisory Training sessions will include a range of topics:  

  • Leadership 

  • Civic Engagement?

  • Design Thinking

  • Soft Skills

  • Public Speaking 

  • Topics of personal interest




The CCYP Youth Advisory Council will be composed of 10-13 members, aged 18-30, who will act as Youth Ambassadors for CCYP in their respective regions in order to represent and mobilize a national network of youth.

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