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The youth council will serve as an authentic means of youth engagement and voice in support of CCYP’s mandate of driving coordination and boosting the infrastructure that supports the youth workforce development ecosystem.



Terence D'Souza

Managing Director  -  Young Ontarions United


"Authenticity in youth engagement is becoming more and more

diminished. Young people are finding more barriers to their voices

being heard. For the first time, a national organization is taking a

courageous step in addressing issues within the youth workforce

development sector by co-designing solutions and strategies to the problems

at hand alongside young leaders, valuing our input as equally important..."




Cindy Gabriel Caturao

Fervent Migrant Workers' Rights & Protection Advocate 


We set out to do something different here at the CCYP Youth Council... We want to

bring something different to the table and create a discourse. I want the CCYP Youth

Council to act as an incubator for the ideas and research that young Canadians will

be doing. A space where youth and other pertinent stakeholders work together to design and innovate solutions to the issues and barriers young Canadians face concerning the job market. An organization that amplifies and advocates for the voices of young Canadians.

Leah Davidson

Social Entrepreneur


"This is genuine youth-driven work from young leaders who are passionate about creating change. I hope that it becomes a consultative arm that can lead to real change across Canada and build community. I think it could stand for more inclusivity and for evidence-based, empirically researched findings. I want to meet inspiring youth from across Canada and build strategies related to the future of work. The CCYP Youth Council is important because we can provide insight into programming, consult peers through various networks, and serve as youth ambassadors in various peer networks. This is an opportunity to get more diverse students / youth voices featured."


Noor Fadel 

Public Speaker - Peace & Conflict Studies

British Columbia

This is just the beginning. With the right people and right dedication

CCYP and the Youth Council will be something future youth will become

part of, work that lives on past our time as council members. We will truly

dig into actionable change and resources. Not just another talk or post.

We are going beyond that. I am excited to help bring it to life and watch

the CCYP Youth Council become something accessible to youth across the country.

I want to be part of what I hope can become a legacy, the start for something big. 

I hope youth and members of the different sectors involved in youth workforce development pay attention to the power of youth and what we can create when given the chance, and proper resources. We really do thrive and create powerful change.


Zenah Hussun 

BSc Student at the University of Toronto


My number one goal while being on this Council is to highlight the voices of those who are unheard or are unseen, while creating long-lasting solutions for the gaps within the youth workforce system. It is an opportunity for growth, in which myself and youth all across Canada are provided with the tools, education, and training that will lead us towards the career paths we would like to pursue. While having lived experiences as someone who's intersectional identity is often effected by the inequalities in society, I continue to use my past struggles as an outlet to fill the gaps and find solutions not just in the youth workforce, but youth experiences as a whole. What makes me most excited about this opportunity is the ability to create a lasting change within the youth workforce system and feel included in that process.

Chanele McFarlane

Certified Career Strategist


"If there has ever been a time to prioritize youth workforce development and the future of work, in general, it's right now. This unprecedented global pandemic has completely disrupted the labour market and Canadian youth have been heavily impacted. From having internships and job offers rescinded to post-secondary institutions pivoting to online learning, there are so many important conversations to have and this is what interests me so much about being a member of the Youth Council. I'd also like to be a part of developing practical solutions that will have a long-term impact on Canadian youth so that I can look back several years from now and feel confident that I helped to make a difference."


Ahammad Hassan Monzoor

Youth Councillor

Nova Scotia

Rarely is it possible to collaborate in such a network that not only gets me excited in terms of the impactful outcome for other youth but the collaborative process itself. I am excited to help bring the CCYP's first Youth Council to life and watch the CCYP Youth Council become something accessible to youth across the country. I want to be part of what I hope can become a legacy, the start for something big. I expect it to create innovative ideas and not only work towards one strategy, but to establish itself as a valuable source in the workforce development sector as contexts are everchanging. I expect it to become an established Council to which both youth, as well as employers, will reach out for advice for improvement and development. This position allows me to help co-develop a strategy that can benefit not only my community but communities across Canada in the long term. I hope to make a difference in youth experiences by creating a strategy that can be implemented in real life and serve fellow youth. My goal is indeed to find practical solutions to ongoing challenges by using all my experiences and skills.


Yuvraj Singh

Community Health Organizer


I expect the CCYP to become a national platform that creates positive

workforce outcomes for young Canadians through research and

innovation while being a force for community advocacy in the field

of youth empowerment. I'm excited to be able to participate in such

an innovative approach that is using research, grassroots organizing,

and government relations to champion youth issues. Young Canadians

should know that the CCYP Youth Council is a YOUTH-LED national initiative advocating

for better workforce outcomes for youth through research and the development of a national youth workforce development strategy. We hope to actively engage leaders in the field of youth workforce development to impact our work, meaningfully connect and find tangible sustainable solutions for youth.


Stacie Smith 

Child & Youth Advocate

Nova Scotia

This is the first council of its kind in terms of tackling the youth employment problems in Canada. Having youth voices at the table is crucial to making policy changes... Many youth are under utilized in this digital age and this needs to change as things have shifted in terms of how businesses run. Pay attention to the recommendations we make. These ideas will be based upon research and data that shows how important policy and procedures are when it comes to youth employment. I am hoping to make a positive difference in youth employment strategies in Canada.

"Youth employment has been talked about in circles for so long... 

the times and needs of our community are constantly changing 

and organizations need to change with it. I think young Canadians

should know that the decisions being made by this Council are

made by youth for youth and that we are having input from youth

all across Canada."

Joshua Wiggins

Youth Councillor


Jennifer Whitehead 

Youth Councillor - Aspiring Teacher


This Council allows us to speak and advocate for youth that desire to get more out of life. Youth in my perspective are often overlooked within society and aren't given the proper tools or incentives to make a change or difference within their home communities. Every person, every youth is different in how they feel, what skills and knowledge they possess as well as how their own experiences shape who they are as an individual. This perspective gives me the opportunity to learn and retain information on what youth struggle with either in Alberta or Ontario. Not everyone on this council is the same as we come from homes with diverse, ethnic and cultural identities. It gives me the power and knowledge to share my experience as a First Nations woman and youth. To share how and where I got in terms of my education and the hardships I had to face in order to achieve the success and hard work that I've made in life.

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