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compensated opportunities for youth network


mission statement

The COYN project aims to build mutually beneficial partnerships between stakeholders and young professionals across the country.
In doing so, young professionals are given the opportunity to illustrate their unique experiences, insights, and expertise to support stakeholders in accomplishing their strategic vision.

Creating these spaces of interaction will foster sustainable and innovative change, ultimately transforming the future of Canada’s workforce ecosystem.

project goals

  • To build and support a network of youth and stakeholders to assist in finding equitable and reasonable ways for youth to inform programming, policies and structures at various organizations.

  • Continue to grow CCYP’s network of youth and stakeholder partners so we can expand our work and impact. 

what's in it for stakeholders?

  • Develop youth-informed policies, practices and programming

  • Gain insights on current trends

  • Welcome the future labour force into your organization

  • Work towards a more inclusive and equitable workplace

  • Adopt more innovative and collaborative strategies

what's in it for youth?

  • Have your voice and opinion heard within an organization

  • Accumulate experience on advisory roles

  • Expand your professional network

  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile through the COYN workshops

  • Receive honorarium (from stakeholder)

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