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Diversity & Inclusion


Addressing anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity is committed to creating an inclusive environment that brings together diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We want youth to experience a more equitable, diverse and inclusive labour market. We are committed to proactively seeking out and eliminating racism and discrimination and removing barriers to inclusion. We will strive to provide equitable support and access to opportunities. We will advance our work in ways that are equitable, diverse and inclusionary. 

Now is the time for all of us to be bold in challenging broken systems. As we add our voice to the many who are committed to ending systemic, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, we want to be clear with our declaration of action and ground our commitments in youth workforce development.

Our Commitment to Addressing Anti-Black Racism

Anti-black racism, systemic racism, is not exclusive to the US. It's here in Canada too.  Where young Black males are nearly twice as likely as other young males to not be in employment, education or training (NEET). Where 13% of Black Canadians, compared to 6% of their non-Black counterparts, reported experiencing discrimination at work or in the context of a hiring process.[1] Indigenous youth face the intergenerational effects of colonization, a lack of education infrastructure, discrimination and barriers to accessing education, employment and training.[2]

​The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity is about improving the youth workforce development sector. Better employment outcomes for youth is our reason for being. To find out more about what the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity is doing to address these issues, read our complete statement.

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