Road to Recovery


Authentic youth voices must be factored into plans for post-pandemic Canada. The #ImpactCOVID: Road to Recovery project seeks to engage youth networks across the country in the development of a national youth-informed pandemic recovery plan. The plan will focus on youth workforce development as a critical vehicle for economic recovery; and, offer a toolkit to support authentic, appropriate and culturally-safe youth engagement in post-pandemic economic recovery efforts. 

The #ImpactCOVID: Road to Recovery project will be delivered by the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity, in partnership with Opportunity for All Youth, YWCA Canada, Camara(EN)AXTRA(FR) and Vibrant Healthcare Alliance.


What’s in it for youth?

  • A great part-time job! 24 hours a week, paying $18/hour, from November 2020 to March 31st 2021 

  • ​Develop highly sought after skills for the future of work in your area of interest

  • Access to great mentors in the innovation and business leadership community​  

Key tasks in these roles: 

  • Working and learning sessions

  •  Peer-outreach activities

  • Independent, organizational and cross-group projects, including a final project of a Post-Covid Recovery Plan

Some skills and attributes you will build: 

  • Peer outreach and mobilization

  • Problem solving and critical thinking

  • Teamwork


Who you’ll be working with:


For this project CCYP is the central employer, but candidates apply to the agencies that best match their areas of interest, studies or co-op needs. Here are the different areas: 

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity has a focus on policy and research in the workforce development

Opportunity for All Youth is building a Youth Innovation Council for those youth interested in designing & prototyping new activities, outreach/marketing approaches & supporting changes in how employers hire

Vibrant Healthcare Alliance is focused on innovative health & social care programs that include primary healthcare services, health promotion programs, attendant care & community development initiatives. 

YWCA Canada is focused on applying a gender equity lens to COVID recovery.


1-220 Taunton Rd East

Box 40010

Whitby, ON L1R 3J0

Mailing Address:

1527 Victoria Park Ave 2nd Fl Hub/CCYP, Toronto, ON, M1L 2T3