National Town Halls

For youth employment service providers
Did you miss the town halls?

You can still add your voice to this conversation with a written submission. Here are the questions we explored:

  1. How can service provision change to respond to the new labour market? How can technology help?

    • Youth

    • Employers and industry

    • Address system racism

  2. What data should we (ESPs, government) be collecting to better understand stakeholder needs?

    • Youth stakeholders

    • Employers and industry

  3. What do you need as a professional to support youth? What does the sector need?

Questions to consider from RBCFuturelaunch

  1. Young people looking to compete in a post-COVID world will demand more from digital education. How will you as a service provider respond?

  2. How will you facilitate connections to hands-on workplace-based learning in a virtual setting, and how can you incorporate augmented/virtual reality or machine-learning to create personalized learning experiences?

  3. As post-secondary institutions break down invisible barriers to collaboration in a virtual world, how will you as youth employment service providers also increase collaboration?


Send your comments to by June 26, 2020.


CCYP’s National Town Halls are a series of regional sessions designed to engage with youth employment service providers about Canada’s post-pandemic recovery.

Recovery efforts of small to medium size businesses and job seekers will rely heavily on the services of local youth employment service providers.  We need a coordinated approach to be able to deliver on heightened expectations. 

In these sessions, we will explore and address:

  • What the youth employment sector needs to ensure we have the capacity to shape and support recovery efforts

  • How the youth employment sector will or should change service provision in response to the new labour market?

  • How the role of frontline practitioners will or should evolve as a result?

Your voice is important. Join us at one of the town halls and contribute to our sector recovery strategy.

Register for a session

June 15

Quebec (FR)

10:00 am EDT

CHANGE! June 16

Northwest Territories session moved to June 18

CHANGE! June 17

British Columbia session moved to June 18

June 18

Saskatchewan & Manitoba

9:00 am CDT

11:00 am EDT

June 19

French-language session

12:00 pm EDT

June 15


2:00 pm EDT

June 16


2:00 pm MDT 

4:00 pm EDT

June 17

Atlantic Canada & Quebec (EN)

4:00 pm ADT

4:30 pm NL

3:00 pm EDT

June 18

British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon

12:00 pm PDT

1:00 pm MDT

3:00 pm EDT

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