Our Purpose

Our purpose is to spearhead the design and advancement of an equitable workforce development ecosystem that helps young people in Canada thrive.


Impact through collaboration

Curiosity and adaptability

Diversity and inclusion

Openness and accountability

Active listening and communication

We will advance our work with the following principles in mind...

  • Amplify the voice of young people

    • In collaboration with our partners, we bring young people to the table to help co-design, inform and influence strategic decisions.

  • Apply a future-proof lens

    • We understand that the future of work is here and constantly evolving. Therefore we seek out emerging research and practices in the sector. 

  • Develop inclusive solutions

    • We use a strengths-based approach and meet young people, service providers and employers where they are.

  • Design for experience

    • We seek to transform the experience of young people and employers navigating the youth workforce development ecosystem.

Workforce Development

Youth are critical to Canada’s economy. Their smooth entrance into the labour market and ability to grow within it feeds our economic engine. By understanding the needs of the labour market and improving navigation throughout the ecosystem, young people can find the work they want and employers can find the workers they need.

Provide broad and far-reaching recommendations to inform national and provincial/territorial efforts to address issues of coordination, collaboration,
planning and design.

     - Identify best practices and guidelines

     - Promote evidence-based benchmarks

     - Build an accessible repository of

          best practices, standards,



Identify, elevate and enhance

sectoral capacity to improve job

retention for youth impacted by

trauma and/or those living with

mental health or disability challenges.

      - Identify, support and facilitate access to                        wellness-focused initiatives

      - Improve employment experiences for                            youth affected by trauma, mental health                or disability

      - Advocate for capacity-building and training


                       Create a youth workforce development strategy to support young people by enhancing

their ability to navigate and leverage 

employment opportunities… with a focus on:

      - Digital system infrastructure and navigation

      - Impact evaluation at the ecosystem level

      - Coordinated engagement with the ecosystem

      - Collaborative research and development

System Navigation

Why focus on youth workforce development?​

Canada has benefited from an array of panels, youth engagements, and think tanks aptly analyzing and offering solutions to transform the youth employment landscape. All sectors that are experiencing the emerging risks and opportunities for youth employment are eager to respond. Despite all of these contributions, there is a need for more interventions, and rapid systems change.

Informed by these extraordinary opportunities for co-creating change and new outcomes, the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity has focused on the youth workforce development ecosystem. The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity will strengthen the youth workforce landscape. We will orchestrate broad coordination and collaboration between sectors, education, and government across Canada with a set of intentional actions that will collectively support system infrastructure.

Advance the use of technology to improve navigational supports for employers and 

job seekers.

            - Map out policies, orgs and projects                      that impact adoption of tech

            - Identify projects and research that                        advance tech

            - Identify needs and concerns of system                    navigation

Strategic Initiatives


What is the youth workforce development ecosystem?

When we talk about the ecosystem, we mean the many factors and people that come together to create economic opportunities (employment, entrepreneurship) that meet labour market needs (work employers and industry need done). Workforce development can include the employment counsellors who help young people find the right jobs, employers looking for workers, educational institutions that prepare students for the world of work and supportive adults like mentors and coaches, who help young people achieve success in their roles.

Our Commitment to Addressing Anti-Black Racism

 Anti-black racism, systemic racism, is not exclusive to the US. It’s here in Canada too, where young Black males are nearly twice as likely as other young males to not be in employment, education or training (NEET). Where 13% of Black Canadians, compared to 6% of their non-Black counterparts, reported experiencing discrimination at work or in the context of a hiring process.[1] Where Indigenous youth face the intergenerational effects of colonization, a lack of education infrastructure, discrimination and barriers to accessing education, employment and training.[2]

CCYP is about improving the youth workforce development sector. Better employment outcomes for youth is our reason for being. To find out more about what CCYP is doing to address these issues, you can read our full statement by clicking on the button here.




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