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Diverse and uniquely connected to the challenges of youth workforce development in Canada's labour market.

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity enables collaboration between government, education, business, and sectors, by helping to stimulate new thinking, seek opportunities, and generate changes responsive to the demands on the workforce development ecosystem.  

Building a network of connectors and collaborators from different domains across Canada is necessary to achieve the kind of results CCYP is striving for.  We must be able to harness innovation, people, and resources from across disciplines, organizations, and geographic boundaries to address the complexities of youth workforce development.  The coordination of our activities is intended to multiply the impact and sustain it throughout communities on a national scale.  

Canada-Wide Collaboration

​The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity has members and affiliates servicing provinces throughout Canada.  To see our Council Members (*) and CCYP Affiliates by Province, click on the map below.

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