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Past Webinars

Did you miss one of our recent webinars?

As part of our mission to identify and address gaps preventing young people from working and living in purpose and prosperity, CCYP is happy to make the recordings of our past webinars available on-demand.

IDEA Workshop Series
Session #2: Introduction to Types of Biases

In this webinar  introduces the types of biases that exist, the detriment they can cause in the workplace, and how to become cognizant of them. Join us to build a foundational knowledge base needed to appreciate and foster diverse and inclusive workspaces for healthier and more efficient workplaces.

Together we go over the following learning objectives:

✔ Having a foundational understanding of basic terminology, including: biases, power, and privilege.
✔ Identify and define biases and how they can appear in quotidian interactions at work.
✔ Knowing intersections of privilege and identity.

IDEA Workshop Series
Session #1: Multiculturalism and Diversity in the Workplace

In this webinar explore the impact of diversity on the workforce and how to best utilize the positive characteristics that it brings. We also explore strategies and best practices to implement when facing intolerance and physical, emotional and mental boundaries.

Together we go over the following learning objectives:

✔ Having a foundational understanding of basic terminology, including: multiculturalism, diversity, and types of boundaries
✔ Understanding how multiculturalism and diversity have impacted the workplace
✔ Knowing how to navigate and create inclusive workplaces.
✔ Learning the best practices to encourage and foster multicultural and diverse workplaces

Implement Youth-Friendly Communication Strategies in the Workplace

In this webinar  we dive into storytelling methods, intergenerational communication strategies and the best practices to hire and retain youth in the workforce.

Hiring youth can accelerate an organization’s competitiveness by integrating new perspectives, knowledge, in-demand skills, growth potential and sustainability. This workshop will benefit...

✔ Employers    ✔ Career Development Professionals   
✔ Recruiters  ✔ HR Professionals    ✔ Managers  
✔ Project Officers

Upskill Your Ability to Influence Youth

In this webinar we unlock effective narrative storytelling techniques for impactful communication through the lens of youth-friendly and accessible language to help individuals improve their ability to connect and work with youth.

This webinar will allow you to gain knowledge and skills:
✔ Use storytelling as an essential part of communication and day-to-day problem solving
✔ Apply basic narrative principles and language strategy to enhance communication
✔ Implement storytelling in the context of everyday life

Talk to An Expert

A consultation with one of our Youth Engagement Specialists can help you attract, hire and retain young people in the workplace. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Boost Multi-generational Dialogue

In this webinar we introduce characteristics of the different generations in the workforce that have the potential to shape workplace interactions. We also explore strategies for increasing multi-generational collaboration and understanding in the workplace.

This workshop will benefit individuals who work in multi-generational environments looking to improve their communication skills and ensure a youth-friendly workplace.

✔ Employers    ✔ Managers    ✔ Project officers    ✔ Educators

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