Young people can generate momentous change, and that energy and capacity for innovation is needed to pivot from our current reality to hope, opportunity, renewal and connection. Youthful Cities recognized this potential and decided to create PIVOT 2020.


In partnership with CCYP, Tamarack Institute, SFU University Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Canadian Urban Institute, and Institut du Nouveau Monde, developed a project that will provide more than 1,200 young Canadians with paid research jobs this fall, paying higher than minimum wage - completed virtually to meet COVID-19 safety precautions. ​



As COVID measures forced employers to transition staff to work from home, many Canadians found themselves adjusting to the virtual work experience, especially youth. As industries find themselves in a transitional state to adapt to evolving economies, new support services are needed in order to help youth through this transition. Virtual Success Coaches(VSCs) will play a vital role in supporting youth in developing and communicating their transferable skillset to this new workforce ecosystem. 

Our VSCs are on a mission to support the Pivot team members so that they may succeed in a remote working environment and transition their skillsets to new opportunities. Through group workshops on virtual work culture, mindset, and networking,  as well as one to one sessions that support individual needs, VSCs support pivot members throughout their employment journey.




Can I continue to receive services from CCYP coaches after Pivot?

Of course, you can! CCYP’s Success Team is here to serve, empower, champion, and support you until March 31/21 so that you can be the best you can be! 

This is where we will post information about facilitated events, fireside chats, group workshops, job clubs, additional resources, and so much more brought to you by the CCYP Success Team. You can also continue to have individual support through the Success Coaching 1:1’s. You are asked to book the 1:1 with a Success Coach through the same portal (Appointlet) and password as you did while you were in Pivot.

How can I translate the experience at Pivot into my future job search?

There are so many ways you can translate your experience within Pivot to your future career, career search, or life! You have not only developed your hard skills within working virtually, or within a research program, you have also had the opportunity to develop your soft and life skills! These skills can include, but are not limited to, emotional intelligence, personal growth & development, teamwork, collaboration, feedback implementation and so much more! Please meet with a Virtual Success Coach to discuss how to translate your skills.

How do I continue to access CCYP’s services, and for how long?

You can continue to access CCYP’s Success Team’s services through our landing page (this one, right here!). Use the same CCYP Success Team password (findsupportVSC) to access resources, book a 1:1 with a success coach, and sign up for events. You can also email any of the Success Team directly at their CCYP email address. Our services are available until March 31/21.

Where can I access information about past or present sessions if I cannot attend?

CCYP’s Success Team is happy to provide you with a full resource list. You can find it behind

the password area at 

What will CCYP Success Team’s services do for me post Pivot?

We will continue to provide you access to coaching services, development tips, job application/knowledge, resources, and events. We are excited to continue to offer job bank and workplace development opportunities through our Workforce Strategists’ partnerships while offering coaching, leadership, and facilitation through our Virtual Success Coaches. It is an incredible opportunity with your post-Pivot journey!

Why can’t I access my Slack account or my Pivot email account now that I have ended my Pivot employment?

As your employment within Pivot comes to a close, you will be transitioned off of work-related communication platforms. Don’t worry however, you can still communicate with CCYP on this page, through coaching sessions, and by our individual and general email addresses.

How do I reach a coach directly?

You can reach a coach directly by booking a 1:1 coaching session on Appointlet (the same booking process as within Pivot), as well as reaching out directly by email. As we do not have Slack communication or your Pivot employment email address any longer, we will use email as a direct form of communication. A Contact Directory of Success Team member’s email can be found here. Remember, we ask you to contact and stick with your current, or the same Success Coach due to our 1 coach policy. 

I would love to provide post-Pivot feedback. Where can I do that?

The CCYP Success Team is actively seeking feedback to enhance our service. Right now, our workshop feedback can be found here. There will be more feedback forms to come, pm topics such as our coaching services, programming, and workforce development. We want to hear from you so that we can help serve you, and other youth across Canada better!

Will I still be able to access the job bank or the opportunities posted?

Yes! Though we cannot guarantee a job for each of you, our Workforce Strategists are working incredibly hard to provide you with job and career development opportunities. We will provide you with these listings, and any information you need on our landing page. All you have to do is sign up for the notifications.

I have found CCYP’s Success Team’s content very helpful! How can I share this with my friends who were not in Pivot?

We’re glad that you’ve found our service helpful. Please send a message to us at as we are tracking these requests to advocate for wider service offerings.  At this moment, we are not providing our Success Team services to other individuals who were not in Pivot 2020. Our coaching, employment partnership opportunities, workshops, job clubs content, etc. are exclusive to you as a Pivot participant.


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