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Message from the Board Chair

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to announce that Gladys Okine Ahovi has resigned from Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity. Gladys' last day with CCYP will be Friday, March 12, 2021. Chris Duff, CCYP's Director of Engagement, will be stepping into the interim Executive Lead's role. With Chris' leadership, the Board and Staff will implement a transition plan to ensure smooth operations for the team and organization.

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a colleague. This is especially true in this case. We cannot thank Gladys enough for the unwavering commitment, passion, enthusiasm and motivation she has shown to CCYP. She will be greatly missed by the Board, Council and partners alike. As Executive Lead, Gladys led us through many successes, not the least of which was the founding of the Council itself. Under her leadership, the CCYP:

  • Became a trusted collaborator and innovator in the Canadian youth work development ecosystem

  • Produced leading-edge research to inform policy and practice to support underrepresented youth in transitioning effectively to the workforce

  • Elevated the voice of underrepresented youth to shine a spotlight on their experience, access to supports, barrier-faced and, importantly, cultivating and showcasing their ideas for improving the ecosystem

  • Grew from a team of five to 100+ with representation in five provinces and territories

We wish Gladys every success in her new position role as Director, Strategic Workforce Policy and Programs Branch (SWPP) in the Workforce Policy and Innovation Division of the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skill Development with the Government of Ontario.

We are immensely proud of the contribution of CCYP. Together, the staff, Board, members and partners are making a notable impact transforming the youth workforce development landscape in Canada. We are excited for the next chapter as we continue to realize our vision of an equitable workforce development ecosystem that helps young people in Canada thrive.


Madeleine Barker

Chair, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity

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