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State of the

Sector Report

National Town Halls

Executive Summary

& State of the Sector Report

During the week of June 15-19, 2020, we brought employment service providers (ESP) from across Canada together to address these unprecedented times. The town halls created an opportunity for the youth employment sector to come together and talk about how they were adjusting to the impacts of COVID-19 and what they would need to support the reopening of the economy.

Making Policy Work for Youth: 

Quebec and Ontario

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In early 2019, the Government of Ontario began the

process of transforming its employment services

infrastructure. That same year, we established that

Ontario’s employment policy delivery structure - its

governance and organizational coordination - greatly

affected the efficiency of youth employment program

delivery, justifying its impending and forthcoming

transformation. Five themes emerged from our research

regarding a sustainable youth workforce development



In this report, we seek to understand Quebec and Ontario’s ability to successfully address CCYP’s five themes of a sustainable youth workforce ecosystem by contrasting and analyzing two key components:

  1.  Their approaches to a province-wide youth employment strategy; 

  2.  Their governance structures, which influence their policy delivery mechanism.

Impact Covid:

Walking through the effects

on Youth in 'Youthful' Industries

The COVID-19 crisis has dealt an economic blow to employment for all but has affected youth more adversely than the norm. In this report we explore the effects of the pandemic on industries typically associated with youth employment.

Ontario's Employment Services Transformation

Report Series

These reports were written and produced by FutureFit AI in partnership with the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity in advance of the Ontario Employment Transformation.  The CCYP is exploring how the transformation in Ontario could improve employment outcomes for Ontario’s youth.  We engaged FutureFit AI to examine the factors that led to this shift and encourage you to read the “Employment Demand and Service Gaps in Ontario” report series. Through this research, we identified five core themes related to improving Ontario employment services which, if done well, would improve employment prospects for youth.

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