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Upskill your ability
to influence youth

A free online workshop on storytelling

Wednesday, October 19 @ 1:00pm (ET)

Lead with influence

Effective leadership means harnessing the knowledge and skills of a group of individuals toward a common goal and drawing out a commitment to achieve results.


In today's intergenerational workplace environment, leaders cannot only assign tasks, they must be equipped with the expertise to encourage, coach and influence. Without the ability to influence others, the work and goals of an organization cannot be achieved.


Unlock the power of story

In this free, 1-hour workshop, we'll unlock effective narrative storytelling techniques for impactful communication through the lens of youth-friendly and accessible language that is clear, approachable, and interesting to help individuals improve their ability to connect and work with youth.


Gain knowledge & skills

✔ Use storytelling as an essential part of communication and day-to-day problem solving
✔ Apply basic narrative principles and language strategy to enhance communication
✔ Implement storytelling in the context of everyday life

This workshop will benefit...

✔ employers    ✔ educators

✔ leaders  ✔ marketers    ✔ academics

...and individuals looking to make a greater impact. This workshop will provide the tools and practice to help individuals tell better stories, communicate effectively and influence others.

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