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If you want to learn about how to get involved in next year's cohort, stay tuned for Summer 2022.


mission statement

Through discussion and collaboration, the CCYP Youth Council seeks to create an inclusive and diverse space where youth can share their lived experiences interacting with the workforce development ecosystem.


We will do so by advising and holding the CCYP team accountable on youth issues by co-creating solutions. To take action, the CCYP Youth Council will plan events, facilitate opportunities, and engage with youth across Canada.


We are a part of a collective movement that encourages and supports youth to get involved in creating change for generations to come.


A group of 13 youth from all over Canada who are interested in creating meaningful opportunities for youth and highlighting the youth experience.


To have youth contribute to building CCYP, and to meet the mandate of having meaningful youth engagement.


First cohort started in September of 2020.


Weekly meetings of full council, with working groups deciding on their priorities based on their portfolios.


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