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About the Council

The youth council will serve as an authentic means of youth engagement and voice in support of CCYP’s mandate of driving coordination and boosting the infrastructure that supports the youth workforce development ecosystem.





In alignment with the CCYP’s commitment to facilitate youth integrating into the labour market and rooted in the principles of youth advocacy and governance, the Youth Council’s purpose is to provide the CCYP with insight on policy, programs, partnerships, and research. Our Youth Council will also function as youth ambassadors within their respective regions.

The Youth Council term runs for 10 months at a time and will start in August 2020


Meeting Cadence

The members will be asked to dedicate 4-6 hours per month on council-related activities. The meeting touchpoints will consist of:

  • Advisory meetings (Council & CCYP) - In these meetings, the YC will be provided with updates on the work of CCYP, The Council and The Strategic Collaborators Group. They will be given opportunities to provide feedback and share insights. These insights will then be brought back to the respective groups. These meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month

  • Project meetings - These meetings will be focused on providing opportunity for YC members to work on the Capstone Project. These meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month

  • YC Training - The YC Training sessions will provide youth council members with personal and professional development opportunities. At the end of their term, youth council members will receive a certificate of achievement that outlines the various skills they have acquired throughout their time on the council. The YC Training will be held quarterly.


Members may also be required to travel within Canada for 2-3 in-person meetings a year... once it's safe to do so.  




  • Gain first-hand experience in the not-for-profit and youth workforce development sector 

  • Develop leadership skills in an advisory capacity role

  • Professional development through opportunities embedded across CCYP activities

  • Formal and informal mentorship, along with opportunities to participate in CCYP programs, trainings and events 

  • Opportunity to give voice to issues that concern young people across Canada

  • Network with other young leaders, CCYP staff, Council members and Board members




  • Consult as needed on CCYP youth engagement initiatives.

  • Collaborate with one another to develop and communicate new ideas to the CCYP’s Council

  • Provide feedback on organizational strategic planning towards decision-making

  • Collaborate on the development and evaluation of the CCYP’s national initiatives (including programs, research and policy and communications-related projects)

  • Empowering youth through self-directed, self-initiated projects

  • Enable other young people to learn about and support the CCYP’s mission

  • Provide insight on innovative, diverse youth engagement and outreach strategies and opportunities across Canada

  • Advise the CCYP on effective youth integration in the organization

  • Assist in the implementation of youth projects and activities

  • Work closely with fellow YC members and CCYP staff to provide input into youth-related resources and web content produced by CCYP’s Youth Engagement team

  • Attend all monthly and quarterly meetings

  • May be expected to meet outside of the established YC meeting cadence (in person/via Google Hangout) to advise on or participate in CCYP projects, or projects that the CCYP supports

  • Build meaningful, professional relationships between YC members

  • Works closely with fellow YC members and CCYP staff to provide input into youth-related resources and web content produced by CCYP’s Youth Engagement team



1. Financial compensation on a monthly basis (when necessary, travel expenses will be covered)

2. Formal and informal mentorship opportunities along with opportunities to participate in CCYP programs, training and events. 

3. Quarterly skill-building opportunities

4. Certificate of achievement 

5. Free access to MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 online course


6. Reference letter 

The Youth Council responsibilities will be divided into three areas: 



The Youth Council will work to provide feedback to the CCYP on organizational strategic planning and decision-making, while also advising on effective youth integration into the organization. The YC will also provide insight and feedback to the work of the larger Council.


Advising THE CCYP’s Council

& Strategic Collaboration Group

A core function of the YC will be to provide insights from a youth perspective to the CCYP, as well as impart feedback on projects from the Strategic Collaboration Group.



Each cohort of the Youth Council will work to produce a capstone project that will contribute and provide value to the youth workforce development ecosystem. These capstone projects will align with CCYP’s mandate and strategic direction.


The CCYP Youth Council will be composed of 10-13 members, aged 18-29, who will act as youth ambassadors for the CCYP in their respective regions in order to represent and mobilize a national network of youth.

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