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youth workforce consultancy

navigating barriers in hiring youth


mission statement

The Youth Workforce Consultancy (YWC) guides organizations with a youth-driven lens to navigate barriers in hiring youth. Supporting the creation of meaningful jobs for diverse youth while bringing passion, new perspectives, and ideas to employers, the YWC develops tools for employers to actively engage, hire/retain youth, and create a mutually beneficial workforce.

As a youth-led initiative, our work is informed by both lived experiences and carefully conducted research resulting in services and resources aimed at creating an equitable and opportunity-rich workforce. Our services range from personalized funding research to individualized consults that help aid in creating an equitable workforce filled with opportunities.

what we do

The Youth Workforce Consultancy offers training, resources, and consultations with a goal to increase youth participation in quality workforce opportunities.


  • How to create a youth-friendly job posting

  • How to attract/retain youth audiences

  • Soft Skill Development

  • Job Development Support

Funding Support

  • Linking youth to local and national funding opportunities


  • Database for youth employment funding and recruiting resources


  • To identify and support stakeholders in their journey to create new and resilient employment opportunities for youth


let us help you hire young people,
increase youth engagement and retention.

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