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fellowship program

youth mobilizing and advocating


about the fellowship

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity's Fellowship Program provides promising, bright young thinkers and doers who are mobilizing and advocating at the grassroots level with an opportunity to learn how to create systems-level change. The Fellows will gain a full-time, paid placement for seven months working at the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity.  
Through this program, Fellows would be exposed to policy, research, leadership, academic writing, evaluation, systems thinking, public speaking and more. It will also provide youth with access into the workforce development industry, while at the same time serve as a means of adding more youth perspective to the advocacy work at the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity.  
The mission of this program is to create an enabling environment that fosters and nurtures the next generation of Martin Luther King Jr’s and Nelson Mandela’s who will go on to challenge the status quo, advocate for the voiceless and truly move the needle at the systems-level.

our program goals

why become a CCYP fellow?

who are we looking for?

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