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The Youth Workforce Consultancy:
Filling Gaps and Building Opportunities

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, youth workers in Canada were hit hard. With the financial support of the Co-operators Community Fund, the Royal Bank of Canada and Magnet, we responded with a youth-informed Recovery Plan and spent the following years co-creating and testing new solutions with employers, policymakers, and youth themselves to fill gaps and build mutually beneficial opportunities.

A Recovery Plan for All

Our Key Milestones

Phase 1: Research
October 2020
#impactCOVID project launched.
April 2021
The first National Youth Summit commenced. The Youth Engagement Toolkit and Road to Recovery report were launched.
December 2020
77 Youth Thought Leaders were hired by seven partner organizations.
Phase 2: Implementation & Testing
September 2021
A social media campaign on workforce trending issues was launched.
March 2022
Youth-friendly job posting guide was published. A storytelling webinar to help employers use stories to attract youth into careers was launched.
May 2021
Ten Engagement Specialists were hired to support employers in job creation for youth.
November 2021
The first iteration of the resource hub was launched on the Magnet portal. The hub helped employers to find wage subsidies and match youth with employers. Subsequently the resource hub was redesigned on Airtable.
Phase 3: Knowledge Mobilization
June 2022
The YWC presented at Randstad Canada Executive meeting on youth employment and established a partnership.
Oct - Dec 2022
Developed and published content for the Resource Hub, a free resource to help support an equitable workforce and create good places to work for youth.
May 2022
The second national Youth Summit commenced. The YWC participated in the event.
September 2022
Delivered the first Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace webinar for employers.
March 2023
Delivered the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and anti-oppression webinar for employers and subsequently published a toolkit on the topic.

Our Impact in Numbers




Youth Thought Leaders Hired

Partner Organizations

National Youth Summits hosted and participated in




Organizations Consulted

Employer-focused Toolkits Published

Resources Hubs Launched



As a pilot initiative, we were constantly refining and adjusting the project, which allowed me to experiment with new ideas and approaches. This experience not only helped me develop my skills as a project coordinator, but also gave me a sense of ownership over the work we were doing. By being involved in this dynamic and adaptive process, I felt that I was able to make a meaningful contribution to the project's success.

Munira Al-Amudy

Youth Thought Leader and Project Manager

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Funders and Partners

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP) would like to acknowledge and thank the generous support provided by the following funders towards #impactCOVID/ Youth Workforce Consultancy that made this innovative work possible.

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