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National Town Halls 


The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity's National Town Halls is a series of regional sessions designed to engage with youth employment service providers about Canada’s post-pandemic recovery.

Recovery efforts of small to medium-size businesses and job seekers will rely heavily on the services of local youth employment service providers. The youth employment service sector needs a coordinated approach to be able to deliver on heightened expectations. 

In these sessions, we discuss:

  • What the youth employment sector needs to ensure we have the capacity to shape and support recovery efforts

  • How the youth employment sector will or should change service provision in response to the new labour market?

  • How the role of front line practitioners will or should evolve as a result?​


Read the reports to learn more.

2020 Executive



A State of the

Sector Report



Here are some resources from our partners that we hope you will find helpful in your work with youth. 


Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity & Tamarack Institute

With fewer job opportunities for youth, and an opportunity for employers to tap into a virtual workforce now and in the future, the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity and the Tamarack Institute partnered to produce the Virtual Work is Here: A Guide for Youth. Read more…


Canadian Mentoring Partnership

The key topic overview is a helpful primer for mentoring service providers into background on e-mentoring, its benefits and challenges, an overview of current research in the field and key principles and practices and guiding questions for e-mentoring programs. Read more…



An overview of the effects of COVID-19 on the tourism and hospitality industry and the industry's response. This presentation was delivered during the Ontario Town Hall session. Read more... 



Future Launch at Home

Things may feel like they have come to a standstill but learning and connecting can continue with RBC Future Launch at Home. RBC Future Launch at Home allows you to easily navigate through our partner-hosted virtual skill development workshops, online learning modules, and mental well-being supports & services.

We see a Future in their Future: Youth are full of potential. With the world of work changing, we need to help ensure that they’re prepared for what’s next. That’s why we created RBC Future Launch, a program that increases access to skill development, networking opportunities, work experience and mental well-being supports and services. Empowering the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow. Read more...

Mental Well-being Support and Services

Your mental well-being affects all aspects of your life. Learning to take care of yourself is an important step in a well-balanced personal and professional life. Explore the variety of resources to find those that work for you. Read more...

The Future of Post-Secondary Education: On Campus, Online and On-Demand

COVID-19 triggered a mass experiment in online education that will have a lasting impact on how and where Canadians learn. The abrupt change poses a fresh challenge for a Canadian higher-education system that was already preparing for an economic future that might look very different. Read more...


YWCA Canada

Born to be Bold: Measuring success for women’s access to the labour market is a three-year research and knowledge mobilization project funded by the Government of Canada. This project will engage the public, private, and civil society sectors to commit to creating systemic change for women’s equitable access to the labour market. Read more…

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