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remote work

As COVID measures forced employers to transition staff to work from home, many Canadians found themselves adjusting to the virtual work experience, especially youth. 

As industries found themselves in a transitional state to adapt to evolving economies, new support services were needed to help youth through this transition. Virtual Success Coaches (VSCs) played a vital role in supporting youth in developing and communicating their transferable skill set to a new workforce ecosystem. 

Our VSCs were on a mission to support youth employed through Pivot 2020 to succeed in a remote working environment and transition their skillsets to new opportunities. Through group workshops on virtual work culture, mindset, and networking, as well as one-to-one sessions that support individual needs, VSCs supported Pivot members throughout their employment journey.

All coaching services for the Pivot 2020 Program concluded on March 12, 2021.

sample of workshops offered

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ABC Life Literacy Workshops 1 (new).png
ABC Life Literacy Workshops 2.png
ABC Life Literacy Workshops 3.png
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