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Strength in Structure

developing culturally-safe standards of practice


mission statement

The Strength in Structure (SiS) project aims to improve the in-service experience and programmatic outcomes of Black youth.

To achieve this, SiS works with Black-led organizations to develop culturally- informed and culturally-safe standards of practice and we support Black-serving organizations with the implementation and adoption of these standards.

what we do

Black-led organizations, due to their specific focus, have long struggled for adequate funding to improve and scale their services. At times of crisis, however, they are unduly burdened to offer insights, absorb investments and provide training; these contributions end up being devalued. SiS seeks to address the direct need for new approaches to workforce development for Black youth.

project goals

Through the Strength in Structure (SiS) project, CCYP seeks to improve the employment experiences and outcomes of Black youth by acknowledging and enlisting the expertise of Black-led organizations to build the capacity of Black-serving organizations.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Position Black-led organizations as critical community resources to be consulted beyond emergency response and public shaming

  • Identify and provide the supports and “scaffolding” required to enhance the capacity of Black-led organizations

  • Design and deliver capacity-building sessions for Black-serving organizations

  • Introduce intermediary assistance with implementation and adoption of improved practice based on capacity-building sessions


addressing barriers

CCYP has pledged to address Anti-Black racism in workforce development as employment outcomes for Black youth and Black people have been historically lower than other job seekers.

Black people are also over-represented among those adversely affected by the pandemic and CCYP strongly believes that pursuing approaches to pandemic recovery without acknowledging systemic barriers to labour market access and participation would be a grave injustice to Black communities.

This project is helping to significantly change how Black youth experience and navigate the world of work.

CCYP is proud to partner with the following organizations:

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