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Implement Youth-Friendly Communication Strategies in the Workplace

A free online workshop

November 23 @ 1:00pm (ET)

Increae revenue through innovation

Hiring youth makes good business sense. Studies have shown that organizations with diverse teams achieve the highest revenues drawing from innovation.

Organizations with youth-friendly work environments benefit from:

  • Greater knowledge, skills, and creativity during planning and decision-making

  • Improved quality and effectiveness of policies, programs and services

  • Better ability to make changes that promote growth and development

  • Greater transparency and accountability to those receiving services


Accelerate your competitiveness

In an active labour market, when vacancies can be hard to fill, hiring youth can accelerate an organization’s competitiveness by integrating new perspectives, knowledge, in-demand skills, growth potential and sustainability. Hiring youth can provide an adaptable workforce that’s open to change and a positive impact for you and your team.

But implementing effective youth-friendly communication strategies can be a huge shift in attitudes and practice for an organization.

In this free 90-minute online workshop, we’ll dive into storytelling methods, intergenerational communication strategies and the best practices to hire and retain youth in the workforce.

This workshop will benefit...

✔ Employers    ✔ Career Development Professionals
✔ Recruiters  ✔ HR professionals    ✔ Managers
✔ Project Officers

Talk to an expert

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP) exist to identify and address gaps preventing young people from working and living in purpose and prosperity.

A consultation with one of our Youth Engagement Specialists can help you attract, hire and retain young people in the workplace.


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