Relevant Data & Commentary Briefs on the Canadian Economy and Youth workforce development


Youth Employment & Inclusion

Tackling the challenges of youth employment to ensure youth grow, contribute, and prosper.

Youth are critical to
Canada's economy.

Their smooth entrance into the labour market and ability to grow within it feeds our economic engine. By understanding the needs of the Canadian labour market and improving navigation throughout the ecosystem, young people can find the work they want, and employers can find the workers they need. 

Through inclusive work environments, young people can grow, contribute, and prosper. There is a need for more coordinated response and rapid systems change to ensure youth and underrepresented communities are not adversely affected.


What is the youth workforce development ecosystem?

Education, employment, industries, service providers and government, comprise an interconnected system that shapes how youth access and experience work.


When we talk about the ecosystem, we mean the many factors and people that come together to create economic opportunities (employment, entrepreneurship) that meet labour market needs (employers and industry).


Featured Fellow

Henrick Sales.png

Henrick Sales

Art Curator and Program Manager,
Co-founder of 'Stay Golden'

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Henrick Sales is a BIPOC executive director, art curator, program manager and spoken word artist. He is the co-founder of Stay Golden, a grassroots initiative in the Agincourt community that provides young people opportunities to share their stories through the arts and storytelling. He is a creative individual that combines his passions with all projects that he chooses to engage in.

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