A Leader in Supporting Youth Workers


Supporting Youth Workers

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP) is a trusted partner to all players in the youth workforce network, driving collective impact as a leader in supporting youth workers.

Training, resources and consultations for employers to actively hire and retain youth, and create a mutually beneficial workforce.


Building partnerships between stakeholders and young professionals to inform programming, policies and structures.

Improving the in-service experience and outcomes of Black youth by developing culturally-informed standards of practice.


Impacting the
Youth Workforce Network

Youth, educators, employers, service providers and governments form an interrelated system that determines how young people access and experience work. These are the players in the youth workforce network - the many factors and people that work together to create economic opportunities (employment, entrepreneurship) that meet the needs of the labour market (employers and industries).

Our role is to drive collective impact across the youth workforce network to support youth workers.

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Research & Policy

Sharing insightful research, data and digital resources on the Canadian youth workforce.

data-driven commentary briefs on the Canadian economy and youth workforce development.


In-depth discussions on solutions to challenges affecting the most important stakeholder: Youth.

CCYP’s Youth Council is an inclusive and diverse space where youth can share their lived experiences.


CCYP’s Fellowship Program provides young thinkers and doers with an opportunity to create systems-level change.

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